RECIPE | Pesto Rosso by Chef Mark Jensen

Pesto Rosso with Lamb and puree Winter Root Vegetables

Pesto Rosso with Lamb and puree Winter Root Vegetables

From the Chef: "This is a food processor recipe that turns out a really delicious, briny, umami-packed pesto that accompanies grilled meats of any variety. If you want to practice your knife skills, it's also a nice 30 minutes or so spent at the cutting board." - Chef Mark Jensen of Middle Fork Kitchen Bar was the featured chef for the Fall Dinner {Seasons Series, 2015}

The Recipe:


8oz Raw, Whole Almonds                                                                                                                     

x8 Whole Garlic Cloves

2oz Fresh Rosemary

1T Balsamic Vinegar

1T raw sugar

1t Chili Flakes

x40 Oil-cured Black Olives

x20 Sundried Tomatoes

2T Capers

Salt & Pepper to taste

Extra Virgin Olive OIl



1. Toast Almonds, Cloves and Rosemary and chop roughly.

2. Pit Olives and chop roughly. Chop sun dried tomatoes.

3. Combine in food processor with all other items and mix.

4. Add salt and pepper to taste

5. Add Extra Virgin Olive Oil until consistency is to your liking. (less for a tight, grainy pesto - more for a looser sauce)


Foodie Tip: This can be used as a sauce on your meat of choice, or it makes for a great plate sauce garnish. Put sauce in a squeeze bottle and place finger over the end, let it drip out slowly.