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The CHEW farm-to-table series is a two part series featuring Kentucky producers, products, and the people who make it tasty.


The CHEW series {originally dinner only} started as a project, an excuse really, to get together and consume really good food and drinks. The series quickly took off and the first dinner sold out all 100 seats in just a few days. We quickly adjusted, adding 50 additional seats to each event and then realized that it wasn't just about food and drinks - people cared just as much as we did about sustainability of farms, traceability of our food source, learning about 'Kentucky Proud' products, and exploring local neighborhoods, Chefs, and venues. We knew this was something we needed to continue and since then we have added more dinners, created one heck of a lineup for 2018.... plus, BRUNCH.

When you come to a CHEW event you aren't just buying a ticket. You are supporting local farms, local chefs, and local distributors or producers. You are learning about new happenings in our community, sharing cocktails with friends and making new ones. You are trying unique dishes that you can't easily find (or easy dishes with a FUN twist) - and you're dining personally with some of the best Chef's in Lexington. When you come to CHEW, we want you to feel as if you are dining in our home.



(859) 230-5365


think tank

203 West Second Street
[ at LexEffect Events ]
Lexington, KY 40507



Dinner - Wednesdays 6p
Brunch - Sundays 11a

Limestone Hall, at the Historic Courthouse

[215 W Main, 4th floor]